Quench Essentials was founded by Doug Bird in 1990. His passion for excellent health for himself and others came from the recognition that "eating right" was not enough to live by anymore. After ownership in Health Food stores it became clear to Doug that Minerals were the catalyst to vitamins and other supplements. As important as vitamins are to the body, they can do nothing for you without the aid of minerals. The body cannot manufacture a single mineral. As well, the overprocessing of our foods and the foods being grown in mineral depleted soils have resulted in the need for daily mineral supplementation. One of Mr. Bird's favorite Quotes was from Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes; "YOU CAN TRACE EVERY SICKNESS, EVERY DISEASE , AND EVERY AILMENT TO A MINERAL DEFICIENCY." This is what brought Quench to where it is today.  Our minerals are in ionic form, which means that they immediately go into the body and are used by the cells. Ionic Minerals are the most easily absorbable form of minerals, even surpassing colloidal minerals.

Before his death in September of 2006, he was on the path to wellness for forty years. At the age of 87 he was actively involved in the business of Quench Essentials. It was not only Dougs dream to promote  healthy lifestyles in all his customers, but it is also the desire of all those involved at Quench to provide all our customers with dedicated loyalty and service.



Canadian Health Food Association - International Organization of Nutritional Consultants - Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors